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That moment when your parent calls you out of your comfy bed, out of your room, to ask you a question they could have easily have asked through the door. The closed, locked door implying ‘Do Not Disturb’.

Fuck all the things. I’m done.

Darlene was gold, y’all hear me? GOLD.

Darlene was gold, y’all hear me? GOLD.

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friend: “i can only bring one friend. wanna go?” 



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Bey fa real.

Bey fa real.

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It was not, after all, so easy to die.


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fall colors - black

winter colors - black

spring colors - black

summer colors - black


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Don’t do that. Don’t skip stages in your life. You’re 19, kiss a few boys and wear your heart on your sleeve. There will come a time when you’re 39 and stuck in a suit, wondering why the hell you were so eager to grow up in the first place.

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Fuck, why didn’t I see this when I was 19. Why didn’t I see this when I was 9???

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Alice in Wonderland much? <3 this

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